VelociMAX Wireless Internet

Welcome To VelociMAX Wireless LLC!


We are a local, family-owned business serving portions of North Idaho and Eastern Washington. VelociMAX is proud to offer you reliable and premium wireless internet service at unbelievably low prices. Both Residential and Business internet service packages are available to our customers at competitive rates. If you have special internet needs, you have come to the right place because our service includes a number of powerful innovations such as voice-over-internet, family-safe filtering, and high-speed WiMAX internet.

Are you tired of "seeing the bait, signing the contract, and then finding the sharp hook"? Your worries are over: we believe in providing you with honest service and no hidden costs. We are here to bring you the internet service that you want. You choose the equipment and the contract you want from us. No tricks.

Thank you for visiting the new VelociMAX website and we hope you enjoy the stay! Please look over what we have to offer and be sure to get in touch with us.