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Business Services

Businesses can acquire the speed and reliability they need to expand with premium VelociMAX Wireless Internet. Because of our policy of no hidden costs and for your convenience as well, we have prepared lists of the costs for different internet rates. You get UNLIMITED data. Check out the following no-nonsense internet service options and be sure to contact us if they look promising!



Price Per Month:

20 Second Burst* Rate:

Sustained Download Rate:

Sustained Upload Rate:



5.0 Mbps

2.2 Mbps

1.1 Mbps



8.0 Mbps

4.0 Mbps

2.0 Mbps

* Maximum Burst Rates are listed because some providers imply the Burst Rate is a sustained download rate.


Price Per Month:

Sustained Download Rate:

Sustained Upload Rate:


4.4 Mbps

2.5 Mbps


> 7.0 Mbps

3.0 Mbps

Business internet service features:

  • Free standard, family-safe internet filtering.
  • Public IP address for $15 per month.
  • Static public IP address available.
  • Email addresses available from
  • PBx phone lines, extensions & FAX available.
  • No monthly data or usage limits!
  • No contract if the necessary equipment is purchased.

Please Note:

  • 4G WiMAX provides superior service with consistent data rates and the ability to prioritize VoIP phone data to maintain a quality call during streaming downloads or high usage.