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VoIP Phone Plans

VelociMAX has an array of comprehensive Residential and Business VoIP Plans just for you. FAX lines and more are available for less than from other internet providers! Go the “way of the future” by upgrading to a VoIP Phone today! Contact us now to get started.

  • Residential VoIP Phone:   $5 – $15 per month  (plus <$4.50 per month tax).
  • Business VoIP Phone:  $10 – $18 per month per line (plus regulatory fees).
  • Business PBx Lines:  $18 – $24 per month per extension.
  • FAX lines:  $15 per month  (you can use a traditional fax machine or receive/send by email or website).

General Features:

  • Over 45 plan features, including voicemail, 2nd virtual line, caller ID, remote voicemail access, contact list, etc.
  • USB calling device for call access while traveling.
  • 1 or 2 year contract, or month-to-month.
  • Reuse existing phone number.
  • Includes unlimited US and Canada.
  • 60 minute/month international calls included for free, 0.2 to 2 cents/minute for additional minutes.
  • International plans available.
  • Residential VoIP phone adaptor required free lease or purchase cost rebated after 60 days.
  • Business (PBx) service may require the purchase/lease of VoIP phones.