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Contracts & Equipment

In order to have internet access at your home, you will need an internet radio installed there for signal reception. You can obtain this radio in several ways:

You can rent the radio with a 2 year contract:

  • $3.75 – $4.25 per month depending on the radio (non-WiMAX)
  • $18 per month (WiMAX)

You can rent the radio with a 3 year contract:

  • $12 per month (WiMAX)


You can buy the radio and have no contract (month-to-month):

  • $90 – $105 depending on the radio (non-WiMAX)
  • $450  (WiMAX)

Please Note:

  • The customer always buys the cable, connectors, brackets and any other materials needed for his or her own installation.
  • Professional installation is required with all contracts (Basic Install @ $100, Extensive Install @ $150 or more). Go to our Photo Gallery to see what a typical professional installation looks like.
  • Equipment you purchased can either be installed by yourself or professionally.

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