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Policies & Internet Access Options

Service & Plans:

Have you been dying to get your hands on some real internet service with lightning fast browsing? Cheer up, because we offer just what you are looking for! Whether you are business looking for reliable and heavy-duty internet access or someone who just wants to watch that video from start to finish without interruption, we offer the internet service you need. Residential and Business (PBx) VoIP phone services are also available, using your existing phone numbers for much less than your existing land line costs. Basic high speed internet plus phone service are available for as low as $32 per month, including taxes!


VelociMAX believes in providing honest service without hiding costs.  Vmax customers can buy their own equipment or lease it and know exactly what they are getting. You will not be paying the hidden costs of purchasing your equipment without a chance to own it. We do not play tricks of giving high speed bursts that last just long enough for a speed test in order to register higher rates, but then drop off to less than half-speed with longer video downloads.  VelociMAX does not hide costs or service from its customers … our customers get exactly what they pay for!

Family-Safe Filter:

VelociMAX Wireless internet offers Family-Safe Internet Browsing, meaning websites with dangerous, obscene, pornagraphic, or threatening content are blocked; safe websites are not blocked.  Our service includes built-in Firewall, Real-Time IP Data Scanner, Spam and Web Filtering.  This type of filtering is normally not available at the residential level from internet service providers.


All VelociMAX Wireless broadband internet services are encrypted to prevent third-party eavesdropping on VelociMAX traffic. Our microwave link backbones and customer links utilize AES encryption with 256 bit keys.

Each VelociMAX Wireless CPE (customer premise equipment) has its own private key used for the initial connection negotiation to establish the session keys that will be used to encrypt traffic after connection. Reverse engineering or compromising the security of any individual CPE will not reveal any keys useful for compromising the traffic of any other VelociMAX customer, or for decrypting that CPE’s past traffic at a later time.

Customer LAN-side connections are not bridged to VelociMAX Wireless or any other VelociMAX customer, except in cases where such services are requested for interconnecting networks at separate connections through network transport services offered by VelociMAX. VelociMAX Wireless CPE’s act as a NAT (network address translation) gateway and firewall, preventing direct outside access to a customer’s LAN, except in the case where the customer has ordered a static IP address or subnet of IP’s be routed to their LAN.

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